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Thread: Link Building question

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    Link Building question

    If some one place my link at their site (site wide link) and i place their link on my site directory, this type of link with any value ?

  2. This is a kind of link exchange, if they have high page rank, they will have value for your site. And vice versa!

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    It's better to get one way links if you can. Posting good linkbait is a great way to get tons of one way links, and then using social media to make it go viral and congrats, you've crashed your servers from the traffic
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  4. This is kind of 3 ways link exchange? If it's than it have high value if the websites are on different IPs.

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    I think it wouldn't be bad at all. I even do that with mine and I can vouch that it worked. It would sound unbelievable but I climbed to third rank in a matter of 2 months only. It was an astounding experience actually.

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    Work on one-way or three-ways as much as you can. Better then a straight trade.

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    All links count, When it comes to link love I'll take what I can get.

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    The link exchanges can be beneficial when you are able to receive quality instead of on link pages. Quality is a page that will interest the reader long enough to see your link and possibly click through (referral traffic).

    The problem with the link exchanges is that they are too time consuming when you factor in the downside like link exchange scams and "link rot".

    Link exchanges are useful either (1) to get some quick relevant links on a new site and or (2) to pick up some quality backlinks in your vertical. The main thing is not to abuse the link exchanges and keep them very limited.

    The three ways that companies are doing can be detected. I get 10-20 emails a day offering these kind of trades. This old post on Matt Cutts blog comes to mind. SEO Mistakes: link exchange emails ( The webmasters are forwarding the emails to G.

    The link directories that webmasters put on their sites are a big waste of time. They used to work well before Jagger 1-2-3 update. But the link directory pages are basically "grayed out". Even some industries like real estate have been slapped due to the link exchange practices.

    I like the idea of leveraging the web 2.0 properties. At least you know that most of the links will still be there a couple of years from now. You are lucky to have 25% of your link exchanges after a couple of years. So its a lot of work for little long term return.
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    I'm not sure exactly what the op was asking but he mentioned "site wide" links, which I think have been devalued, and I think a reciprocal link, which I also think has been devalued...
    The best link is a relevant one way link on an authority site that is related to you... but they are very, very hard to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    If some one place my link at their site (site wide link) and i place their link on my site directory, this type of link with any value ?
    It called one way link exchange. If you can do one way link exchange it is the best way of exchanging links. Google also give more priority to it. In other link exchange procedures its kind of making fool the google.

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