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Thread: Link Building Site Idea

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    BTW. in regard to leaking page rank, I don't think that your page rank will drop if you link out to other sites unless you have a PR-based paid link on your page that is recognizable e.g. it is a dofollow in a bunch of nofollows.
    I agree. I have never bought into the theory about bleeding PR. However, the more links that are on a page, the smaller the amount of PR that is passed through each link, so that has to be taken that into consideration when someone who dwells on PR is trying to pass PR to other pages within their site or to other sites in a network.
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  2. This is very good idea

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    Pffff if you can use only relevant websites this could work.
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    If your script can build categories based on main keywords detected, you might have something good. If not, it's likely going to be useless, simply because less and less webmasters are going to be interested in the same old types of link pages.
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