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    Link Building Site Idea

    I have been thinking of how to quickly get one of my domains doing something useful.

    My initial idea is to have people link to my site from any page on their site. They then enter the details of their linking page into a form and submit it on my site. Also, maybe I can build an email list at the same time?

    Then, when I detect traffic from that link, I display a reciprocal link on my home page for the latest 100 sites sending me traffic.

    I just have to avoid linking out to bad sites, so maybe there should be a rule that the destination page is indexed in Google? Other rules would be that the link has to be do-follow and not contain bad words.

    All of it will be automated with PHP scripting (so it gives me a fun little coding project to do).

    More thoughts: the link-in could be from a different domain to the link out. The inbound traffic would bump up a URL's rating according to fresh visitor IP addresses, and the source page showing up in the referer data from the browser.

    Following on from this, my plan is to create a network of inter-linked blogs. People on the mailing list would get invited to join for free. Apart from this, a bonus to sign up to the list could be an on-page SEO guide.

    Any feedback on this idea?
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