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Thread: Link building strategies

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    Link building is key to get top ranking in the search engine that you targeted....

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    I prefer to build traffic to my websites instead of building backlinks, I agree that if we manage to reach 1st page of Search Engine -Google- we'll gain traffic, however I think it's better to have frequent visitors during your venture of reaching the SE's 1st page


    Quote Originally Posted by rubylene View Post
    There are a lot of ways to build links, here are some of the following:

    social bookmarking and networking
    article and directory submission
    blog commenting
    forum posting
    classified ads
    online group posting
    link exchange (preferably one-way link exchange)
    hub page

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    I'm shocked no one mentioned:
    blog carnivals
    Do Follow Blog Commenting
    Blog Reviews
    Article Marketing
    Directory Submission
    RSS Feed Directories
    Press Releases

    Yes, there are times it may be time consuming. It should all start with on page SEO. After that, it's all about the competitive element of the keyword. Then, you check out what backlinks the other sites are using to get there faster.

    Personally, I use a variety of link building techniques similar to linkwheels. It's been very successful for me.
    The First Page of Google is possible with link building and social media marketing services!

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    Building links through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple yet very powerful website promotional tool.If done correctly, increasing your linkage will:
    1. Increase your traffic significantly.
    2. Improve your visibility in the search engines.
    3. Provide an added resource to your website.
    4. Save you a lot of advertising money.
    5. Save you time.

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    I haven't tried those techniques and maybe they're all worth a try. Thanks arbz for the information. That's just great!
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