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Thread: Link building in Yahoo answers?

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    You can somewhat but it is nofollow and very few people will click on the link. It is best to use it to get ideas for articles from the questions that people asked that are related to your topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick09 View Post
    Well I have never tried it before but I think that I might give it a shot since I am a regular member at yahoo answers. I hope that this method will be able to drive traffic to my site...
    If you value your Yahoo Answers account, I wouldn't use your regular account. Also, remember that the links are now no-follow as of about a week ago. I do get a lot of clicks from links, however.

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    well yes yahoo answer is really a good source to make some backlinks . Just keep posting your URL as a source and it's somehow very helpful.

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    Well this could be quite a tricky and time consuming method, but with enough determination I believe you really could get a decent number of targetted traffic from Yahoo answers. Yahoo answers comes up every time I search for something I want to find out more about, there's always someone who's already asked the question before me & I noticed it's becoming more popular everyday.

  5. Yahoo Answers pages are highly optimized to dominate search engine results and use of them to drive traffic is a very efficient way to gain real traffic. But on the other hand, as all the Yahoo Answers links are nofollow, as mentioned by others, they are not good for link building.

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    You will have to answer daily to get enough backlink and traffic but yanswer is no-follow now so not very helpful.

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    Hi, I am a top contributor at Yahoo as well. I get also backlinks from them so far Yes! It was good in link building. I get traffic from yahoo by answering with my website url as well

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    Cananyone explain me the full procedure as I am little confused about the method. I have a Yahoo account and do write Yahoo answers and Questions. Is it possible to have links on my answers or not? If you can clarify my query then I will be thankful.

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    well... Yahoo answers is of no use, it will bring only minute amount of traffic on you website.
    My friends you will be just wasting your time and come up with nothing.

    When YA was initially launched it was great !
    Script installation and template edits will be done at cheap cost!

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    yahoo link building

    wat wasthe site that yahoo was lauched can u tell me

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