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Thread: Link building in Yahoo answers?

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  1. Link building in Yahoo answers?

    Is it possible that we could build our links through Yahoo answers? I heard that the same thing as forums who are the sources of building links, but how can Yahoo answers? I really have no idea about that.

    I have a Yahoo answers account and I think that will contribute to build my links to it so that it will generate impressions from untargeted visitors or unique clicks in my Adsense ads? How cool is that? Any idea about it?

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    it is good idea.but u have to workhard to answer questions and to ask new questions.

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    i dont think,yahoo answers is the answer to link building, well sure PR and seo is the answer to a good website ,to attract traffic, link building specially with aged and high traffic niche sites are the ultimate aim, i think website content is king here, and good content will attract inbound links ,

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    Yahoo Answers can be an effective method of link building, but in order for the links to be dofollow, your answer must be chosen as the "best." Other than that, I do believe that links to your site count on questions that reach a certain degree of popularity.

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    Yahoo! answers is a popular and very very effective method of link building. The more time you invest in providing good answers, the more effective your chances are towards building a good number of do follow links to your site.
    I have heard about many SEO providers who use this method to improve the rating of their clients' site.

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    Yahoo answers is a great way to get bulk amount of traffic and it is one of the source for link building too!
    Answers the questions in yahoo answers related to your niche and at the below,you will see a option called source,in that you need to put your site url!
    that's it simple!

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    I have used yahoo answers for my promotion but initially I was able to get lots of traffic from it. But now I am not getting enough traffic from it. I think forum signature and forum post links are better way than the yahoo answers.

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