I recently purchased Link Farm Evolution.

This is a big program, not in terms of "lines of code", but in terms of functionality. It does so much that it's difficult to describe everything that it does, but I'll give it a try.

LFE works with three types of web sites:
  • Wordpress Mu (WPMu)
  • Pligg
  • Blogger

LFE semi-automatically finds these hosts, registers accounts on them, creates links on them, and posts blog entries to them.

I'm not really interested in Pligg at this time and the Blogger module wasn't working for me, so I really just tested the WPMU functionality of LFE.

WPMU contains a database of a few thousand WPMU sites. You can search this database for sites to use, or you can use LFE to find WPMU hosts via Yahoo, Live, or Google.

LFE found a good number of WPMU sites that matched my search term, "proxy" and created accounts on 47 of them for me. It was then able to post my links to the blogrolls of these new blogs.

Many of the WPMU sites had disabled remote posting with XML-RPC, so LFE was not able to post actual blog posts to them. Still, it was able to post to 26 blogs for me.

I used LFE's super-convenient macro article spinning system to semi-automatically create 26 different versions of each blog post.

LFE has several other semi-automated content generation options. In fact, breadth of it's capabilities is somewhat dizzying! Here's a brief excerpt from the inline help:
LFE comes prepackaged with Blogsearch, Flickr, Associated content scrapers as well as Google translate hook. By default, hooks use your post title as a base keyword to generate content and look like this — [contenthook] — when inserted into your post. To use some specific keyphrase instead of just post title, put it into braces, like this — [contenthook(payday loan)].

None of these are what I was looking for at this time, so I didn't experiment with them. They all seem good at auto-generating very low-quality content, and that was not my current intent.

Overall, LFE is fascinating and the author is developing the program very actively.

It doesn't fit my current link building model. I want to build links using slightly more white-hat methodologies. But, if you have a business model that needs a good amount of blackhat links, LFE looks to be a huge time saver.