Got an email to the NB address today:


Recently, Google began reviewing and analysing many websites for their past linking practices. They're looking for "over-optimized" backlinks. {Insert url here} is, unfortunately, one of these sites under review. While I appreciate your past efforts to share our content, I respectfully request that you remove all links to {Insert url here} from your site,, including the links on {url here}.

We are updating our site to improve content and design, so I hope that you'll return to see the information our site provides once this issue is fully resolved.

Please let me know if and when you have removed our links from your site, or if you have any questions or concerns. I very much appreciate your help.

Thank you,


P.S. I apologize if you received a request from us more than once. We are being assertive in our efforts.
Well... isnt that special. Answer sent as follows:

Let me get this straight... you spammed our site and now you need a favor?

There are 2 possibilities:
-1- You spammed ads and now you wish you hadnt.
-2- You are a competitor of the guy that has the links there and want HIS links removed.

Either way, no. Don't bother me again.
Basically it's kinda like the guys at dp that TELL them to delete the post they wish they hadnt made.

If you didnt want it there, you shouldnt have posted it... and your error does not constitute an emergency To-Do item for somebody else. Probably should think of that before paying some guy from {insert 3rd world sinkhole} to spam your URL to hell and back.