I have seen all the pictures on how to do a linkwheel.

My question is this would you give links in your wheel to your competition?

Would this make your links appear stronger if you placed your site between two experts in the field?

I backtracked a huge wheel that I found and that is what they are doing. Most links are going to experts almost like as if the experts have a really bad over linked wheel, That is easy to find, but a few links are going to a small newer site.

Some articles on the wheel are giving 5 and 6 links to the same expert site then to a 2.0 page giving a different expert like 2 or 3 links another 2.0 page and a deep link to the smaller newer site.

Article linking expert and 2.0 page; 2.0 linking to different expert another 2.0 and small site; 2.0 page linking expert, expert, 2.0 page; and so on.....

By the time I got done following this wheel the two different experts sites have hundreds of yourdomain.com links pointing to them, and the small news site has about 18 really deep links each going to a different internal page.

Can anyone give me a reason why?