Have you seen bloggers bothered so much to link to a new blog? I can bet. you must have seen them since it's not an easy task. It happens to even established blogs that they need to expand their traffic and catch the maximum attention they get everyday. Linkbaiting is a way by which you can do this very easily. Linkbaiting allows you to do this with time honored tradition in order to get the attention well proved and one of its own way to break into the new area. In order to bait a link, you need a hook. Hooks comes in various different ways, some of the more popular would include:
News hook
Contrary Hook
Attack Hook
Resource Hook
Humour Hook
There are many others hooks are available, but these some of the good hooks.
There are basically two main types of hook the nice hook and the nasty hook.
The easiest and safest is the nice hook. You can put these hooks into your post and when clicked these links you will get the initial required attention.