I think many people here have the same questions about links and popularity of website or blogs. So just thought of sharing some ideas with NB members.

If you have a website or a personal blog, you would like to earn something from it. This is easy today and there are lot of people who are making good money by using the well known and established techniques like SEO and link building. These techniques can help to increase traffic to your website and this will mean more revenue from your website. You may also need a lot of visitors if you are managing a business on the web. You will get customers if you have many visitors. For all these purposes, you should consider linking your website to other websites and other websites to your website.

More the links better will be the website popularity. The search engines will rate your website better if here are popular links on your page. When your content is linked by the others, which helps your website as well. You will benefit from their popularity. It’s a two way game. Google uses this to determine the page rank of your website. It’s not the only thing that Google page rank takes into consideration, but it is one of the main factors.

If there are numerous relevant links into your website Google will consider them as a vote for your website. This means that your website’s popularity index is good and it will rank you higher in the search results that are returned when a relevant search is made. It is important to note that only the links from the popular websites actually matter. Though the links from other websites also matter but the effect is extremely low. So if you have 10 links that refer to your website from unpopular websites and one link from a very popular website, that one link from popular website will help you more.

Now that you have learnt that the links do matter a lot and that they play an important part to boost traffic to your website, you need to know what good links are. The good way to link is to use the text links which give relevant description or are at least using the words that are relevant to your website. If the words that are being used as hyper link are not relevant, there are chances that the link will not be considered as a good vote by the search engines. Whereas the links with relevant text will be considered as votes for your website and will help your website grows in popularity in the eyes of a search engine.

You can improve the number and quality of these links by either buying the links or by hiring an SEO expert. Both the ways will surely help you a lot and you will clearly see a difference in number of visitors.

Hope this will clear some doubts about link building.