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Thread: List building

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    List building

    I have just read the topic about benefits of email marketing and now I'm wondering which techniques do you use for list building?

    The most effective method in my case is giving away ebooks/software in exchange for opt-in.

    Which email marketing service do you use?
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    Publishing things about a certain topic that help people, but giving 'hidden bonuses' if they subscribe. That's how I tried to build up lists and going to try again this summer

    Aweber seems the best option for email marketing service, but it's costly too so I'd look for something where I could have a better RoI.*

    *Aweber is costly for proxy subscribers use, not that much for others IMO
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    Aweber is probably the biggest email marketing service but they are too pricy for me. I also tried GetRespose and their interface is really great but they are expensive as well but I think will use them anyway.
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