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Thread: List building - making free ebooks

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    List building - making free ebooks

    Thought I'd share my technique for creating free ebooks that help build email lists.. usually takes me a couple of minutes for each niche.
    [ame=""]YouTube - List Building - Create free ebooks for your subscribers[/ame]

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    I used the same technique myself but better in that I copied a selection of articles from Ezine Articles and compiled them into an e-book rather than just one article like they teach in this video.

    A downside with EZA is that they want you to include the link to EZA as well as the author resource box.

    I think it's better to cut them out of the loop and source articles from other article directories (such as - Free Articles for Reprint. Free Articles for your web site and newsletters. Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory.) that do not require this. Of course, you should always credit the original author of the article and include their resource box.

    It's really quick and easy to use Open Office Writer. Create a template for your e-books. Then cut and paste the articles to them. Do a bit of clean up of the page formatting. Then export as a PDF document.

    After this, you have a product to give away to build a subscriber list.

    Are you, as a member of this forum interested in a detailed tutorial?

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