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Thread: A list of niche with lots of buyers

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    some of your list is expired to be categorized as niche. The example is making money online. It's not niche anymore, and there is already many competitor. What do you think?

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    Basically he is saying some of the things on the post are not a niche anymore. What he should be saying is that he thinks some of the things on the list, specifically making money online, is over saturated and is no longer worth pursuing.

    But I disagree with him. I have searched all over the place for making money online stuff and I read literally hundreds of blogs and I never quit, I still read them. I find new blogs every week, and I read those also. Making Money Online will only increase in popularity due to the trashy economy and high unemployment rates.
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    you're right, making money online still have big prospect. But in way to compete at google SERP, etc for the keyword "make money online", it's too hard

    I think choose other niche is a good choice

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    Ah I see. Well, you can rank pretty well in SERPs if you put nough efoort in it. There is many opportunities left in this niche, akira.

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    oh i'm forgot
    choosing money making online as a niche is not always use keyword "make money online" but also use keyword which related to it such "internet affiliate marketing" or "blog monetizing", etc...
    I think more spesific, more less competitor, more easy to get good position

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