Now when we get started with Internet Marketing, one of the things many people get stuck with is picking a niche. Be it list building, site flippin', or most of the other areas of Internet Marketing, choosing the perfect market is one hell lot of important.

There are a lot of people working a lot less than what you do, and still earning a lot more than you. Why? Because they are working in a better market, with more scope than what you are. So yeah, that emphasizes on the part that niche is very important.

Here are some good ones, you can brainstorm some micro niches from these:

- Weight loss
- Health
- Hair loss
- Debt
- Credit Repair
- Foreclosure
- Forex
- People suffering from diseases
- Students
- Laid off people, in need of jobs
- Games and sports
- Making money online
- Making money offline
- Self improvement
- Fitness
- Dating
- Relationships
- Get back your ex
- Dentistry (courtesy sizzler_chetan)

Please feel free to add your contribution to this list.