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Thread: Local market with foreign ccTLD

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    Local market with foreign ccTLD

    How good is to use a foreign ccTLD, .ch to target the local market for example in ... Brasil ? strictly from the point of SEO.

    I bought the .ch domain because the keyword i want was available, will this domain help me to rank higher in Google Brasil or i will have the 2nd chance all the time?

    *Brasil is only an example.

    What ccTLDs are not restricted to a geographical area and can compete with .com and .net or local domains ?

  2. Google gives a boost to com/net/org domains for the exact keywords in their domain names. A .ch domain won't get that boost.

    A .ch domain might get a boost in Switzerland, but it certainly won't get a boost in Brazil.
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    Ok thanks, i hope to get the boost anyway, i will try Related... i saw a .cz from Czech Republic ( on page 3 ( Google US ) for the keyword "proxy", is not that bad, I think .tv, .fm, .me have no restrictions in SERPs but is only my opinion, not verified.

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    You can also use Google's Webmaster tools to tell Google which location you want your website to be associated with.

    Log in to Webmaster Tools, then go to "Settings". Check the "Target users in:" box, and select the country you want to target and click Save.

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    Works only for .com, .net, .org

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    Oh... didn't know that

    Well let us know how it works out

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmongy View Post
    Oh... didn't know that

    Well let us know how it works out
    Ok, hope to be proud for the result.

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