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  1. Lost in the Shuffle

    When there are many marketers competing to be noticed, I think it can be easy to get "lost in the shuffle". A few years ago there were less than a billion web pages online. Now we are in the trillions.

    What are you doing to make sure you are not lost in the shuffle?
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    Making use of long-tail keywords.

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    I am not going to get lost in the shuffle because I do not aim for my websites to make money, I aim for them to be the best in their niche (I'm nowhere near at the moment but hope to me some day).

    I think any website with quality content will go good and not get "lost in the shuffle".

  4. It seems to me that there are short and long-term strategies.

    Short-term strategies, often blackhat, can get you a lot of traffic. But, that traffic tends not to last.

    Long term, I think what really works is doing a good job for your customers -- every single day.
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