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Thread: Marketing Blog ?

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    Marketing Blog ?

    I have submitted my blog to some directories . How else do I get the word out in order to get visitors ? I don't have much traffic yet at all .

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    Get links pointing to your blog, link popularity has become increasingly important for those who wish to increase search engine ranking and highly targeted traffic. Then give people what they want and do it consistently, try and have quality content on a regular basis. Then post quality over quantity.

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    Its much easier to get traffic to your blog compared to static website. Here are some techniques you can use:

    1) Do Follow Directories: If your blog is do follow, then submit your blog to various do follow directories.

    2) Bookmarking sites: Submit your blog posts to various bookmarking sites like , Jumptags, mixx and others.

    3) Blog commenting: Frequently visit other blogs and submit valuable comments.

    4) Article Marketing: Include link to your blog in resource box.

    5) Video Sharing sites: Submit promo videos to various video sharing sites like youtube.

    There are many others ways, but these three are most effective marketing techinique and have worked really well for me. Good luck.

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