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Thread: Meta Tags

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    Meta Tags

    Do you believe Meta Tags are at all effective/relevant to SEO anymore?

    I'm not sure to be honest, I think they do help a little bit though they aren't as important as they used to be.

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    I still like to add them because it only takes a minute and doesn't do any harm. However, Google doesn't use Keywords Meta Tag in search ranking.

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    Never noticed the use, but I do the same as Fergal - add them, no harm done or breeded.

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    I still use them. Otherwise Google will pick random sentences from your site to use. That looks tacky on the search engines.

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    I have never used them on my forum .

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    I use never know what is going to change next

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    I usually do. It does at least give some search engines the idea and some stuff to put for their engines (description one is big).

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    Even if they are no harm to use..what is it? A minute of your time? A quick submission of some words that might actually still be of use? :3 Might as well just use the minute! Could do ya some good, and ya never know.

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    i don't use them

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    Google (the only search engine I care to toy with) currently uses the "description" in the results output page, not as part of the complex math behind the results. To answer the question, of course I use them. Google may not use them to rank my sites, but other sites still do. Keep in mind that there are directories and automated pages out there that take url's submitted to them, and try to place them in a rank as well.

    In terms of SEO they still play a part, in terms of overall they're a MUST use. Take advantage of opportunities.

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