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    Arrow Mobile App Marketing

    We developed a mobile app for several platforms (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, WP7) but naturally none of us is familiar with promotion or marketing: we are just developers.

    Does anybody has experience in promoting of mobile apps?
    Can you share the experience?

    Here is some issues we ran into while trying to promote the app:

    - Most apps cost very little, 0.99 is a quite common price tag. 30% of it goes to the market (Anrdoid Market or Apple App Store). How can we use AdWords having this low price? Is it possible at all? What's your take on it?

    - Ads are available neither on Android market (Android app store) nor on Apple App Store. Even if you have some promo budget, you cannot just buy anything on the market itself. How do you promote the app then?

    Of course you can buy ads to drive users to your website, but if an app price is about $1-2 you really have to pay less than 15-20 cents per click just to not to loose money.

    - Outsourcing marking to people who know what they are doing. This is next to impossible, because of the super low app prices. So we have to learn ourselves what we can do. Can you help with some ideas?

    - Free advertisement on Anroid\iPhone forums. We used forum posts with mini reviews. This is all great. It works, but the problem is from time to time moderators decide it is spam :( We do try to make high quality posts and interesting informational pieces, but as soon as moderators see any kind of promotion of a paid app... you know what follows next.

    - Website promotion: it does not seem to be very useful. People are not searching for Android or iPhone apps on google. They first go to Android market first (this is an app on Android) or Apple App Store and only then search for apps. But there is no way to advertise on the markets. What to do?

    If you can share your thoughts or experience on these issues, I'd very much appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    Thanks, I thought about AdMob.

    If a click cost lets say $0.10, and 20 (or 5%) clicks leads to a sale of a paid app. So in this case to sell one app, it cost $2 in ads. To break even, I'd need to sell the app for about $2.9 because the market takes 30%.
    $0.10 * 20 = $2.90 - $2.90 * 30%

    So if you want to make any money, the app should cost at least more than $2.90 in this scenario.

    And it is not all: we have to pay some taxes based off $2. The tax rate could be very different, lets be optimistic and assume tax rate is 20%. Now the break even price is higher:
    $0.10 * 20 = ($3.60 - $3.60 * 30%) *80%

    This simple analysis leads me to believe you cannot make any money on paid apps if you advertise and the app price is below about $3.60. Next conclusion is.. looks like very few developers can do it, since most apps cost < $3.60. This is a pretty steep price, since the average Android app price is about $3.27: ... pp-seller/
    Android and iPhone Apps Cost About The Same, Except For Games And Dictionaries ... tionaries/

    So in real terms, the app price should be above 4.60-5.60 at the very minimum to make a couple of bucks off one sale.

    Has anyone tried buying ads from AdMob? Does the above calculation make sense?

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