For a while I've been doing a great deal of article work for my clients and thought I'd share my method.

1. Get an Articles

I usually pay people to write articles for me. With a little bit of searching you can find someone to write an article for 1 dollar!

There is nothing wrong with writing it yourself of course.

2. Second Generation Spinning

Take your articles and "spin" it, sentence by sentence.

The original article may say...
When an individual consumer, not a business or corporation, is looking to file for bankruptcy, it is almost always most appropriate for them to either file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law or Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.
The second might be..
If you are looking to file bankruptcy as an individual, not a company or business, there are usually two ways to file. You will have to choose between Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.
If you have a low budget you can spin your original article too.

My second article is generally smaller than the first, so the first article should be at least 500 words so that the second dosnt dip below 400.

3. Top Level Article Submission

Submit one version of this article to and the other to

I submit my best article to ezine, which usually means the longest.

Use similar, but not the exact same titles and keywords for this submission.

4. Third Generation Spinning

Wait a month or so before this step. Grab your two articles and mix and mash them until you have ten articles.

It's very easy. Take a paragraph from one article and replace the corresponding paragraph of the other article. Swap sentences, find and replace words, just mesh it up so it's different.

5. Low Level Article Submission

Get a large list of article sites and submit to all of them with your freshly made third generation articles. 100+ sites if you can.

Some of these sites wont accept your articles, but that's okay since your submitting to so many sites.


I spend 1 dollar for an article and turn it into twelve articles. I get two links from prestigious article directories and MANY links from a plethora of other sites.

Remember to vary titles and link keyword as much as possible.