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Thread: Is Msn, Im, Aim, Skype, And More Good For Seo?

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    Would you ever consider doing this - Telling your whole contact list about your site - I have more than 700 contacts on MSN 3/10 of them webmasters/promoters.

    Do these tend to help in the SEO world?

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    I don't find any ways it couldn't help. It's the whole reason I started a forum, So I would think yes.

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    You started a forum because you could advertise via MSN, if that's all the promoting you do try doing some word of mouth, advertising in magazines, getting ad space on big blogs and think of unique ways just to advertise.

    Or in the other hand that you meant you created your forum because you had friends on MSN that you would like to get involved, if other please state as this should be an interesting answer?

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