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Thread: My Google Ads account denied....

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    Question My Google Ads account denied....

    Hello friends, when i registered with google for adsence, my account was denied by google saying invalid content in my website, but its an informative blog website (NOT PORN or anything objectionable content). So can anybody suggest what can i do now or are there any other ad companies like google???

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    sorry bro
    i don't know
    i'm waiting 4 this answer too, gud question

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    There are many alternatives to Adsense, to name some : Adbrite, Bidvertiser. These are among the best but there a many more alternatives too a quick google search will help.

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    what kind of informative blog website is yours
    i heard from my cousin that adsense is now not accepting blogs
    its only accepting websites

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    It would be nice if you would provide a link so we can see if a part of the blog is against the TOS of Google Adsense.
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