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Thread: My Link Building Guide for Squidoo Lenses

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  1. My Link Building Guide for Squidoo Lenses

    I am sure most of the people here would know about Squidoo,if not just understand that it is one of the best site where you can create an exclusive page related to your site,product,or you can even link to any affiliate products.I am sureThis guide will be very helpful for all people who are using Squidoo for traffic and selling products.Though I have not return such guide before,so please mind my English

    Some important things to keep in mind about Squidoo:-

    Make sure to get a relevant url for your page...make sure it at least contain any of your targeted keywords of your site or niche,

    Make sure to create the page(lens) in the appropriate category.This is really important and I have seen some very good effects because of this.

    The next important thing is title.This plays a major role while ranking in search engines so make sure to include your keyword,but just don't spam your title.Make it relevant.

    Next thing that plays a major role is tags.Add few tags now,but squidoo allows you to add 40 tags,I will talk about it later on adding some more tags,so in the beginning just add your 3 important tags...make sure these tags are the best ones and these are the terms that you want to rank...I recommend you to use long tail keywords as I believe,they have some major impact on rankings and you can rank pretty easily...So go for your best long tail keywords.

    So lets now get into the making of squidoo lens and how to rank them well by building links:-

    Make a short introduction to your lens in the "introduction" module.

    Add all other stuffs you need for squidoo lens,if you are not sure how to make a good lens you can ask here...I am sure I can help with the people as I have some good ranking experience with the lenses and also people like Will Spencer are always here to help out.

    So then publish your lens.Next we will get into the most important thing of building links and ranking your lens.

    Register at and submit your lens with good description(make use of some good keywords).If you have your main site you may even consider adding the url to your lensroll profile page as it is do-follow.Vote and comment on other lenses in the as this will make you a good user,I am sure "it is the give and take policy that works well in the real world" and you guys would really agree with me!!

    Register in and follow the same procedure of

    Leave comment on other popular squidoo lenses related to your niche(but don't spam them)

    Grab your Squidoo's Rss Feed and Ping it using or This would notify the bots that you have created a lens and its ready to be visted!!

    Also Submit the Squidoo's Rss feed to Rss feed directories..You can look at this list (thanks to Tom).This ensures some good backlinks and quick indexing by Google and other SE bots.

    Then submit your Squidoo lens to social bookmarking sites,it would be better if they are do-follow sites as you would get some quick backlinks which helps in ranking. Noteont do everything on the same day,take your time and do it slowly as we don't want those sites to think it as a spam.

    Then after few day (may be 2 or 3 days later) go to your stats page and see your traffic sources,you can add more tags now to your lens(make sure to ping after doing it).

    Check your Squidoo Health as well and follow the recommendations.

    This has helped me a lot in the past and I am sure this would help people who are fairly new to Squidoo....Please feel free to add,if you guys have anything new....

    Advance New Year Wishes

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    That's a really great rundown on promoting a squidlens, I wasn't aware of IsleofSquid so I'll go check them out.

  3. no probs....I am sure,it is useful for you

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    Great guide! Definitely something to think about after I add my next round of bulk content.

    Diet Fads

  5. Thanks for the tips. You seem to spend a lot of time with Squidoo lenses

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SEOTherapy View Post
    Thanks for the tips. You seem to spend a lot of time with Squidoo lenses
    Yeah its worth the time spent

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