Currently I am working on a new niche website, and I would like to lay out my link building strategy I am using for it.

  • The website it self is created on 30.03.2009

  • Up until today there are 35 unique good keywords density articles and I am adding a new one consistently (I am using the wordpress schedule feature and set it to publish 1 article every 3 days)
  • After I built this website, I left it for about 1 month (30 days)
  • I ping all those published articles to about 50 ping services / websites (automaticly using WP feature)
  • Then I start the social bookmarking campaign, submitting a few indexed pages at a time
  • about a week ago I started the article marketing campaign (ordered from Netbuilders Market Place from my great writer Sturat) and going to keep doing it in timely basis
  • About to build a squidoo lens
  • Forum posting is also running at the moment

What should I do next? and do I miss anything here? Please any positive advices are welcome.