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Thread: My Site Promotion Plan

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    I am still fine-tuning this.

    I am now using the RSS Nuke in SEnuke as the process with RSSBot takes much longer, I have to manually set each feed up and submit them... It adds about 10 minutes per blogsite = 150 minutes to the process...

    RSS Nuke is faster and while it submits to less, I think the saved time is worth it...

    I am not doing blog comments any more, my last tests showed little to no effect from blog comments... I have my blogcommentdemon run in the background still though looking for targets for my links if I get some time to actually post them.

    I am seeing very good results with this system, and I tweaked the article marketing part to make up for the missing blog posts, so I am sure that will kick this even further into space


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
    Care to share about how much revenue you are currently making a month (Just a rough estimate will do) and the time invested in your total process.
    I got a decent Adsense revenue per month - it certainly pays all my bills...

    The amount of work I put in is up and down, sometimes I let things sit for a few months while I travel or play around with other things... Other times - like now I get bit by a mad bug and work 16-18 hours on my sites a day...


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    Quote Originally Posted by FrontPageContent View Post
    After that I run the integrated automatic content spinner function from ContentBoss in SEnuke.
    Kim, did you know that you can now get jet spinner syntax quicker and more effectively from Automatic Jet Spinner Software to rewrite your articles instantly (its a free service to contentboss members).


  4. Quote Originally Posted by FrontPageContent View Post
    I actually bought Big Mike's latest product, the GFX Video Writer which makes it easy to turn any article in to a video.
    Why would you want to do this? Why not make a "real" video? All you need is a camera, some video editing software, and get after it.

    I see no mention of posting original content or creating a quality site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrontPageContent View Post

    Paid programs / Stuff that'l Cost ya:

    SEnuke - $127 / Month.
    Articlepool - $18 / Month.
    Blog Comment Demon - $47 one time cost.
    Bookmarking Demon - $147 one time cost.
    Articles - approximately $6 per article.
    ContentBoss - $24.95 / Month (with discount code)
    You can do all of these by yourself especially if you dont have the budget to buy these automated softwares.

    Don't forget - THE most important thing in Internet Marketing is:


    There ya go, I have now exposed all my "secrets" - Now I just hope you make a million bucks and come over to the Philippines to buy me a beer.

    I totally agree!

  6. Definitely one of the best threads on NB.
    SENuke is a real time saver and is worth the money.

    I am not too sure about Content Boss yet.

    And you better do your keyword research done, I recommend Micro Niche Finder.

    Also I recommend you get Angela's backlink package.

    And one tip from me for others- Get to action NOW!! Don't waste time- Just do it.
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrontPageContent View Post
    I am not doing blog comments any more, my last tests showed little to no effect from blog comments...
    I believe that targeted and well written comments can generate some traffic. But it will take a lot of time.

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    You saying you did not get traffic for blog commenting,I think you need to posts in high pr blogs with suitable niche
    also social bookmarketing is going great now a days you can try it too

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