I am a believer in the saying "It Cost Money to Make Money"

So I spent a failrly large amount of money every month on tools and e-books.

So in this guide I will be using some of these paid programs, but if used as I use them they will make the investment back in no time.

Paid programs / Stuff that'l Cost ya:

SEnuke - $127 / Month.
Articlepool - $18 / Month.
Blog Comment Demon - $47 one time cost.
Bookmarking Demon - $147 one time cost.
Articles - approximately $6 per article.
ContentBoss - $24.95 / Month (with discount code)

All this stuff can be done by hand, but I seriously would not even consider it.

Ok now down to the action

First I go through my affiliate accounts on Share-a-Sale – CJ – Clickbank – any affiliate program will do.

I then fire up SEnuke and run the Niche Research module there, I usually take the product name + review, so let’s say I want to promote an online faxing service called gofaxer, I would type in Gofaxer Review in my Niche Research module in SEnuke.

I keep going through products until I hit something saying easy or extremely easy… I mean why work hard when you don’t have to, there are millions of affiliate programs out there.

This time I didn’t have to look far, Gofaxer Review was the first Extremely Easy rating I got.

Now I order 2 articles both on the topic Gofaxer Review, you want these to be positive and soft selling reviews of course.

After I get my articles back from the article factory J I then post one of them to my site, I try to include a picture and make it look nice.

After that I fire up SEnuke again, and this time I use the Social Network / Article Directory Nuke.

Parasitic Hosted Blogs

I paste in the second article in SEnuke and submit the original article to Ezinearticles. After that I run the integrated automatic content spinner function from ContentBoss in SEnuke. That gives me back a macro article I then send out to all the social network sites. This article will have a link to the corresponding article on my main money site. And I include the code to automatically link my other social network sites so I spread some link juice around.

I do that by adding this line somewhere in the middle of my content between 2 paragraphs:

Check Out These Other Sites:
#randurls[4|1|new line|]#

Once the Social Network Module is done setting up minisites with my links on all the different parasitic hosted blogs, I run the autopinger and submit the RSS feeds using RSSBot – Senuke has a RSS submitter, but RSSBot is just better and it has more RSS feed sites it submit to.

Article Marketing Part

At this time I go back in SENuke and I copy the macro article I have there, I then paste it in to Notepad where I replace all { with {{ - } with }} and | with ||

This is done to prepare the article for Articlepool. Articlepool is an article distribution service which supports macro articles as well. In the biobox on Article pool you get 2 links back to your site as well, and that is from all of the 1500 sites Articlepool distributes to, so you can see we get some serious links in by doing this.

The macro part helps me not get all my articles on all the directories in the duplicate content filter. So more that means links for me

Social Network Part

SEnuke has a social network nuke as well, but again Social Bookmarking Demon is far superior and it has a lot more sites to submit to, so I opt for that solution. I run a single bookmarking campaign for the new page on my money site + all the URLS of the parasitic hosted sites.

Blog Comment Part

I fire up Blogcomment Demon and find good dofollow blogs to put my links on - pointing the bulk of them at my money site, but I also build 5-6 links for each of the parasitic hosted sites. This gives my network a lot more link juice and I highly recommend this step.


Most of this can be outsourced, a lot of our fellow NetBuilders offer services which matches these steps, if not then head over to for example Odesk and put up a job description and get a freeelancer there to do the work for you for peanuts while you sit on the beach sipping Pina Coladas

Don't forget - THE most important thing in Internet Marketing is:


There ya go, I have now exposed all my "secrets" - Now I just hope you make a million bucks and come over to the Philippines to buy me a beer.