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Thread: Natural links?

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    Natural links?

    SEOmoz | YOUmoz - BREAKING: The Natural Link is Dead!

    A great article by SandroM of YOUmoz.

    It feels like 99% of all existing links are not natural. It takes an incredible amount of time to get natural links to your site.

    It was the puppy love version of linking. Innocent, natural, and nothing but good intentions. We didn't do it to rank in a search engine, we did it for our users.
    Here's where we are today. In my opinion, 95% of links out there are bought and paid for in one way or another. It seems somewhat hypocritical of a group of people to say "Well I donate services and you gave money, you are black hat! You are being unethical! I am white hat and I will shine through, and I will win by being honorable and noble!"
    Looking at what happened to the site of J.C. Penneys it looks like a chicken or the egg dilemma. As webmasters, we are saying that we have to resort to paying for links and link services some or another way or like in the example even to black hat methods.

    Social bookmarking sites and article directories are also being spammed. When will it stop? Will the 'link factor' ever be less important in the algorithms than it is now? I hope this will be a step in the good direction: Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search

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    And 99.99% of those links that are bought will make absolutely no effect to your rankings. I'm frequently checking the current link building offers on another forum, and people still think in numbers and not in quality. The more, the cheaper the better - in a fairytale

  3. It doesn't take a lot of time. You just have to create the right content, and be able to share that content with others who are going to link to it and like it.

    Once you find the people who will share it and like your content, creating it doesn't take much time at all.
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    I am sure google will at some time in the future, cut back on the link popularity part of their algo to rank sites in the SERP's.
    Also again, cut back on the link popularity when it comes to giving out page rank.

    Maybe as google moves on here, there will be fewer and fewer spammy sites, sites built just to grab visitors for money only, etc.

    And yet again, I see people spout off about getting links in blog and forums are the best.
    It depends on the blog and the forum, where your link is, and so forth.
    Am thinking that google is (has been) not giving as much weight for forum signature links as it had in the past.

    So do not just run off and join forums just to drop a signature link.
    Instead do what smart webmasters do:
    Open threads that have good content for readers and have a link back in the thread itself.
    Post on threads that have good readership (easy just see how many good replies there are) again with good content and drop a link.

    Now blogs, I believe google is doing it now or at least looking at it and that is blog commenting. To discount links found in blog comments.
    Best place on a blog to have a link?
    In a post!
    Not in the sidebar, not above or below a post, but inside that post.
    To me, it pays to have a review, an article, something that has a link back to a site posted on a blog.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    It feels like 99% of all existing links are not natural. It takes an incredible amount of time to get natural links to your site.

    • The Loch Ness Monster
    • UFO's
    • Bigfoot
    • Natural Links

    I hear tale people have seen these things, but I can't quite convince myself to believe them.
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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    The ultimate aim of 'unnatural' links is to get SE traffic. But people don't understand that there are various sources of getting traffic that are not as cumbersome as churning out cheap articles 3 times a week to 1600 websites.

    People don't put emphasis on relations and content.

    Relations: Collaborating with fellow bloggers in your niche. Help them out, share stuff with them, share their stuff with your readers. Finding forums and helping people out is another great way to gain authority. I find them easier than spinning and distributing articles and then bookmarking each of them.

    Example: 2 1/2 years back when I started out with proxies I found this guy who was very good with proxies. I would ask him questions and he would promptly reply and would drop hints towards buying his proxy ebook which was quite good. Just 1 month into all the interaction and I knew what sort of sites he used to operate and even referred 2-3 people to his ebook even though I hadn't bought it. One day, I found one of his site hacked and notified him about it. Turns out, it was a good earner for him which he had neglected for past few weeks. He was quite happy and gifted his ebook to me for free. That ebook was really good, back then.

    All I am trying to point is the power of building relationships. If a relationship can make someone giveaway a $20 ebook, then getting a link is as easy as criticizing China's foreign policy

    Content: content is the reason why TechCrunch,, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Jay Leno, CNN, 127 Hours, Metallica are loved everywhere. From websites to TV to movies to music, if you have content people will 'link' and flock to you.

    I find creating a 2-minute youtube video easier than backlinking my ass off.

    Bottomline: Build relationships with influencers, create good promotional content and share it with them.

    As for me, I have built quite good relationships with 2-3 influencers in the niches I am working. And I am getting a somewhat good traffic from discussing stuffs in their blog comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    • The Loch Ness Monster
    • UFO's
    • Bigfoot
    • Natural Links

    I hear tale people have seen these things, but I can't quite convince myself to believe them.
    It's funny, on the other hand you will never get on sites like, etc artificially. If you create value it has its benefits.

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