SEOmoz | YOUmoz - BREAKING: The Natural Link is Dead!

A great article by SandroM of YOUmoz.

It feels like 99% of all existing links are not natural. It takes an incredible amount of time to get natural links to your site.

It was the puppy love version of linking. Innocent, natural, and nothing but good intentions. We didn't do it to rank in a search engine, we did it for our users.
Here's where we are today. In my opinion, 95% of links out there are bought and paid for in one way or another. It seems somewhat hypocritical of a group of people to say "Well I donate services and you gave money, you are black hat! You are being unethical! I am white hat and I will shine through, and I will win by being honorable and noble!"
Looking at what happened to the site of J.C. Penneys it looks like a chicken or the egg dilemma. As webmasters, we are saying that we have to resort to paying for links and link services some or another way or like in the example even to black hat methods.

Social bookmarking sites and article directories are also being spammed. When will it stop? Will the 'link factor' ever be less important in the algorithms than it is now? I hope this will be a step in the good direction: Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search