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    Thumbs down Neurolinker

    I signed up for a few weeks ago and set up a test campaign for a site which had around 800-1000 Adsense views a day and making around $15 - $25 a day on average.

    Now 11 days later my site dropped to 100-200 Adsense views per day and it is making $5 - $8 a day.

    So needless to say I cancelled my account and hopefully I can get a few new good links in instead and build this site back up to its former glory.

    I have never liked automated linking programs, and I guess this one was no exception. Lesson learned - don't go lazy and cut corners on your link building.

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    I am sorry but I don't really get what you mean. is backlink builder service, right? and you can choose the category match to your website, means you'll get relevant backlink to your website. Why having more relevant backlinks drop visitors to your website?

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    Could be either / all or none of these reasons :

    The sites in their network might not be good.

    Link building was too fast.

    Also the links you get are all from link pages, not from the content pages.

    Bottom line was that I dropped a lot of traffic after trying them. It could simply be older links disappearing of course or other reasons outside of their reach. But it could of course be 100 things, either related to Neurolinker or totally unrelated to them. But while the site dropped the only promotion I did was Neurolinker.

    It could have been that link page links as the only new inbound links might not have been good for my site. It could also be some of the sites they made me link to was in bad neighborhood (didnt check that)

    Anyways, my gut feeling told me to cancel and try to salvage the site by using other link building techniques.

  4. Well thanks for warning. Looking at their link pages it does make sense

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    Ah Ok, now I get it... -SOL-

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    The old-fashioned manual way of building links is still the best, and one of the best ways of doing this is to manually check your competitor's links - find out who is linking to him.
    Then contact these sites that are linking to him and suggest that they link to you. You have to link to them first, of course.

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