I just thought I should share this with you:
NEVER underestimate the traffic potential and benefits of Forums!

There are many ways to generate traffic from forums one of the most common ways as I'm sure everyone knows is the use of signatures.

However I'm sure many people wonder how much good can that really do? Sure it's good for backlinks but what about traffic?

I personally also first doubted the potential traffic I could generate from my signatures however I've definitely changed my mind due to some recent events.

Just in one day I've received about 35 unique visitors and 64 hits in day just from forums alone! If I've added statcoutner and google analytic earlier I'm sure I would have seen big traffic amounts.

I know this isn't much for some of you but I mean being able to get 64 hits a day from forums with just a little time isn't bad. I've only spent about an hour on the forums while actually engaging in good conversions and having a great time!

So it's a two for one!

I'm definitely going to see how the traffic continues to flow. I am actually getting good conversions from these traffic as well!

I think the key as you probably already know but need a friendly reminder is to post QUALITY posts. Engaging in conversions that are around your niche will help a lot. Don't go around link spamming your signature as many do.

I personally think doing that actually has a negative effect instead sure you get some backlinks and possibly a trickle of traffic but what about your trust and reputation?

I guess the moral of the story is to make use of this resource right before you but do it properly and don't degrade this to many other methods out there that was once quality.

I know this isn't anything new but just thought I should share my results and honestly this post gets me more attention to my signature as well right? No harm trying

I also have to say that now my site ranks on the first page for anything related to Viral FBML and all the backlinks I had were from forums!