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Thread: New Backlink Tracking Tool (Free)

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    New Backlink Tracking Tool (Free)

    I've created a tool to help track backlinks and am looking for some user feedback on it.

    In my own internet marketing efforts, one problem I've continuously run into is the fact that I trade links, or perhaps purchase some links, and then never can monitor whether that link stays live. I've used some major link sources in the past and was dismayed to find out that I'd been paying for months for links that had been removed long before (without notice, mind you).

    At any rate, I'd be curious to get the members' feedback re: a tool I built to monitor those links. It automatically verifies that your backlinks are still live (also tracks PR, anchor text, site contact info, price paid, linking url, and more). It's free, but it does require that you provide a link for use. It's still in the pre-launch phase, so I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have.

    You can find it at Thanks!

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    I signed up for your site and it is a very handy tool.

    I only had 1 problem with it and that it doesn't find a link on one particular site and I think it is because my link is at and when it checks the site it looks at where I don't have a link.

    Other than that, very handy tool

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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll certainly look into the /index.asp issue.

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    Thanks for nice offer.

    For my own sites, I use Google webmaster tool. For competitors' sites, I use backlinkwatch.

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    do you I really have to add that link? -.-

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    Yes, a link is required. Thanks for checking it out!

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