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Thread: New Google Panda and Penguin Updates Coming Soon!

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    New Google Panda and Penguin Updates Coming Soon!

    If you missed the specifics here:
    Google's Matt Cutts: Next Generation Of The Penguin Update "Few Weeks" Away

    and here on Google no longer being transparent on their updates:
    Google: We're Unlikely To Confirm Current Or Future Panda Updates

    Of course, rumors abound on a "minor" update that just occurred without any confirmation from Google....

    A strange thing the last few months for me has been a sharp uptick in Bing traffic; however, Google still rules > 50% of search engine referrals for me.

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    Oh goodie. More collateral damage to look forward to. Google has already quite literally destroyed $billions in value and income on the web without any real noticeable improvement ins search results.

    I see a larger percentage of Bing and Yahoo traffic. Sites that are no longer in the top 10 in Google tend to hang in the top positions with Bing and Yahoo. The problem is that for some reason Bing and Yahoo traffic does not convert to business as well as Google traffic.
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  3. Didn't they announce that a Penguin update was "coming soon" back in March at the SMX conference? And it still has yet to happen?
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    YEah, apparently both are coming "This Summer" or something to that effect.

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    Panda is now a rolling update and Google will no longer make any more Panda update confirmation.

    Penguin 2.0 is now rolling out

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