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Thread: New members the most important people

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    New members the most important people

    New Members.

    New members are your most important asset. They are what make your forum a community, and are the future members that keep it going. Say to yourself, and to your staff members, that new members are your most important asset.

    You must recognize that, they took interest in your community, and they bothered to register. What that means is that they noticed your forum, they liked it, they wanted to be a part of it.

    Accommodating New Members

    You need to take steps to ensure that your new member will come back, and give something to the community.

    1. The Introduction Section- Get one. Although it may seem repetitive, a lot of times this really breaks the ice.

    The art to welcoming a member is to make your welcome message original. Look at their post, and reply with a personal comment. The new member will notice, and will feel more comfortable on your board.

    2.Make sure if a newbie asks for help ,make sure you give to him no matter how stupid the question and make sure no members tease him about this.

    3. Meeting Other Members- Tell your staff, as well as seasoned members that you would appreciate if they welcomed new members, and treated them well.

    4. Showing them Around- Asking them if they need help finding anything is a good idea too!

    Saying "Use The Search Button" may help you lose members.

    Even if your community is small, if you treat your new members like humans, and recognize that they ARE your community, you will succeed.Without members, your forum is a waste of space. So treat members well, and your community will feel like a community.

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    Re: New members the most important people

    there no doubt about that. but the only thing is how to get new members. i think once you start getting members you can make them feel at home. but getting new members is the hardest part.

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    Getting new members is the hardest part. Every member at my forum needs to feel important, like they matter, because they do, I pride on having my members give me feedback on what they want seen added to the site. That's a good way to make a member feel at home.

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    Spot on, I think it goes without saying aswell.

    That's one thing that annoys me when I see it..."use the search button". I mean, that puts you off straight away!

    Different people have different levels of competence on the internet. Not all will think about using search. It seems a very ignorant statement.

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    What's your opinion on having a single introduction thread, where everyone introduces themselves, as opposed to each new member starting their own thread?

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    I agree with the article and it was a good read. Did you write it yourself?

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    [quote name='Fergal' date='27 February 2010 - 02:39 PM' timestamp='1267303194' post='9919']

    What's your opinion on having a single introduction thread, where everyone introduces themselves, as opposed to each new member starting their own thread?


    Eh it gets clouded.. The point of this topic, I believe, was to make each member feel "special" and of course, they are. Special enough to each get their own thread as well. When they start their own thread, they give room for everyone to welcome them to the site, for them to ask questions, and all that in one. As opposed to one thread where they introduce themselves, and then everything gets crowded if you have a number of people signing up at once, and confusion is formed.

    [quote name='kasem' date='08 March 2010 - 07:09 PM' timestamp='1268096991' post='10783']

    I agree totally on what you said, and what all you other guys are saying, that the hardest part is to get those members.


    I think if you advertise enough, and you search for members where you can actually find them with quality, then you can attain those members -- the trick is keeping them. You don't want 1000+ members, and nothing to show for it. If you have 1000+ members, you should have something to show for it. That's what this is about, I believe.

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    Well new members are important but so are your loyal ones.

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    New members are important, but not important enough if they dont bother posting. Active members is why so many forums grow, without active members and active posts, there will be no reason for new members to post.

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    Hai, but your loyal members like to have other people to talk to every now and again.. It's the point of a forum -- chat and meet new people. So he's just trying to help you guys get newer members to post around, and become some of your loyal and active members. He's not saying nothing else is important. Just that fresh meat is required every now and again!

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