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Thread: new wordpress spam

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    I use Askimet and all is going fine for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come View Post
    I use Askimet and all is going fine for me
    Yes it detects spam but it is often wrong.

    I would like some special option so bots can not figure it out.

    It looks spam comments are passing thorugh all protections.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I was thinking that perhaps they are trying to get some comments approved, so that their accounts get labeled as "not spammy" and then they can spam their real URLs in the future?

    I had the same thoughts.

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    Akismet works well for me. It caught over 100,000 spam messages on my sites last year and I only found 2 or 3 that were snagged incorrectly.

    When you find comment spam that got past Akismet, it is important to click on the spam link to identify it as spam. Do not delete it. When you click the spam link it gets reported to Akismet, When they see enough spam submissions for that message, it gets added to their spam message profiles.
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    I think the solution is just to remove the url from the comments altogether. On my main site I approve around 100 comments per day - none of them with a url. I do get a spam comment ever so often but no more than 3 or 4 in a weeks time. People comment on my blog because they are interested in the content and not because they are trying to get some sort of backlink.

    I do have a few other blogs where I allow a url and I have been noticing both and in the url field lately. Oh and on most of my other blogs I have also removed the url field and will probably do the same to the rest of them.
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    I have not seen this thing. But in some of the comments i have seen the link of the same blog where the comment is being posted. Is this a spam as well?

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