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Thread: new wordpress spam

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    new wordpress spam

    Is anyone noticing new wordpress comment spam. I am not sure what is the goal of it since people who leave comments are having as their URL?

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    I have seen this also. I think its the commenter they are using isnt properly configured so they are wasting there time. Or maybe Google is hard up for more links or maybe its an experiment to see if G will ban themselves for spamming

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    Yes, I have seen an increase in wp spam comments. Even had like 3 today.

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    Nothing new here, except the same old spammers and content scrappers, maybe that's just Matt Cuts trying to get a few extra links for Google

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    OMG I keep getting them on my sites and its really irritating/disappointing. I've learned not to get too excited.

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    As soon as you install wordpress you open the holy gates of comment spam! I've not really noticed any more spam over the last few days than what I usualy get. Some of the spam comments tho, they are pure comedy gold...these guys should go into comedy and leave their spamming days behind hehe.

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    Haha LoL @ or maybe its an experiment to see if G will ban themselves for spamming

    It made my day Glad I haven't received these spam comments yet, but that's because one of my blogs is getting released tomorrow and the other one 1st of August So I hope they will be gone by than
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    So I hope they will be gone by than
    The spam never dies!

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    I installed captcha on some blog but that did not stopped spam. I think I would need to change solution.

  10. I was thinking that perhaps they are trying to get some comments approved, so that their accounts get labeled as "not spammy" and then they can spam their real URLs in the future?
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