It is important to avoid the things that would cause you, and your associates, to fail at internet marketing. However, I think it is even more important to learn and implement the things that are responsible for people's success.
I get one answer every time someone, who I would consider successful, is asked to give advice; provide value.
In every aspect of every business, online or offline, the main founding business principle that is responsible for every marketers success is to provide value.
People do not go to your website, blog, tele-seminar, webinar, forum, etc., because you, as a marketer, might benefit from them being there. They engage in these activities because they, as a visitor, customer, affiliate, etc., might benefit from being there.
If the visitor does not benefit in the way they expected, they will go elsewhere. It's just the way it is. So, why not make sure it is an absolute no-brainer for your visitor to benefit in the way they expected, with absolutely no regard for what is in it for you, as a marketer?
Not only is it necessary to provide value upon meeting a visitor, it is absolutely vital to the life of your business to continue to provide value in every aspect, and every stage of your business. From the first visit to your website, blog, etc., to long after your visitor has already bought your product and/or service, and at all times in between.
The very small percentage of marketers who succeed in this business promote their products and/or services as if they have nothing to gain from a person buying that particular product or service.
If, while marketing your product and/or service, you are thinking about how it will benefit you, as a marketer, if someone buys your products and/or services, it is very unlikely that you will succeed.
Promote your products and/or services with one thought in mind; how will this product and/or service benefit other people? Perhaps in the same way it has benefited you, yourself, as a consumer of that particular product and/or service.
It is very necessary to learn the skills it takes to succeed in your business. If someone asked me to fix an airplane, I would look at them like a deer in headlights. I would have to learn a whole lot of new skills in order to be able to fix an airplane on my own, or even help someone else fix an airplane.
Many people take the time and effort to learn these new skills, however learning these new skills will do you absolutely no good, unless you actually take action, and implement these skills into your own business.
Practice what you have learned. Otherwise, all of the time, money, and effort you put into starting your own business will be for not.
I hope this post made a light bulb come on for atleast one person. If that is the case, it was well worth writing.
Good luck.
Matthew Zinda