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Thread: One way to promote

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    This is what I do with one of my forums. Make a video relevant to a wide variety of interests. Wait until it gets atleast 1,000 views, then put an annonotion on it, with a link.

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    I might have to to look into it soon, it does seem like an excellent idea.

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    Ya , it has been known to work . I might try it out soon !

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    Hmm I have tried it and it hasn't worked for me. I really don't think people browse Youtube to find cool websites, people just browse it for the funny videos it provides and all the content it has, not some forum.

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    It might help get some views... but probably not much else.

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    It will work, but the bad thing is, on youtube, you can remove the note part. It would be better if you just make it into the movie itself, like "Brought to you by http://******.***", that works for alot of people, because about 3 out of 6 may check it out to see if theres anything that they may like.

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    Im going to video profile all my guides to make it easier for players to make characters on my site.

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    I have been doing youtube videos for my Call of Duty forum (made a promotional video to advertise it), got some friends (around 20-30) to upload the video to their channel, all together it does get views to your website and members. Haven't been monitoring the exact amount of views we've gotten from youtube but I think it's around 700 on average per month from a youtube referal. (That's views not members! lol)

    Would reccomend doing this. Best done when uploaded by multiple people.

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    The only problem i have with these sort of videos is that, not everybody is going to search on youtube for what my website is or even what it stands for.

    People watch videos, but hardly ever take notice of the text on the video saying (join www.yadayada)

    It just seems you get 50-60 plays, and nobody even bothers to look at your website.

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