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Thread: One way to promote

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    One way I've learned in an option that can help with promoting a forum is to make Promotional videos and place them on sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, and wherever else you can think of that adds Videos. It may not be all that effective. But at least it will help in some form.

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    Ah, true, but depends on the type of videos... we have a youtube and we do sometimes put things on StumbleUpon just to attract some attention, but yeah Doesn't help all that much, if at all

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    Ah. Yeah the two videos we made. We just put on Youtube. Got plenty of views. But no new members.

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    It does help, either way you get traffic. Just post up a good video, and put your forum link in a lil' bubble on the video itself. Its worked for me, but it does take more than one video, and more than 1 minute of video.

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    Yeah, we did put in links in the videos. Didn't do the bubbles but we put the links in. And they were more then a minute. And I think we placed the links in Description area.

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    Well why I sai the lil' bubles, I think there called annoations or something, because some people never look at the description, just the video.

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    Yeh, i was planning on doing this aswell.. Thats why im learning Video editting to try do some stunning effects to try show the creativity of my forum i currently have And it's great to show the video on the Board index of your site for a week or two...

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    Get just like screenshots of your forum, make sure you show some of the good features of your forum. If you show that your forum has spam, then thats a turnoff for sure. Announce at your forum that your making a video, and maybe somebody can help.

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    My forums a general forum and this is the video i created (i know its crap )

    And i use this site:

    And link it to the video to make it very popular



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    This may be possible, but These can only be found out by avid Youtube fans, and since it covers a large amount of subjects, I hardly think we will receive any attention, but It would be good if we link this to a signature in any forum that we are very much active since we would get more clicks and views!!

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