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    orkut provided by google is the best open community which helps us to be intouch with everyone. orkut is the best google site which is creating fame. orkut is improving new things which was not so good at the starting but now orkut is the first and best open community site which stands first

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    Men orkut is just trying to imitate myspace.They have mainly userbase from india ,brazil and europe which aint much profitable.
    Moreover myspace is more globalised give a better environment.

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    I use orkut regularly. Its very easy to get connected with all throughout the world. It has certain drawbacks in matter of privacy. But now its improving.

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    Orkut may be imitated from my space but it has its unique users like myspace have.Almost 90% of students in India are part of Orkut Community.Google is gaining lot of revenew from orkut only.

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