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Thread: PageRank

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    How does Google PR bring members to your site? It doesn't really make a difference on the amount of members you have.

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    I feel that many website and forum owners, pay too much attention to PR. The most important factor in the success of your site is the quality of your content and the service you provide to your members.

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    Pagerank is a rank of any site in the eye of google. Google manages sites depend on pageank of the site.

    Page rank is a integer value between 1 to 10.

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    Well, I don't find it important that much as once the word is said, it dies eventually.

    But I think PR is not the greatest way to bring members to your site.

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    I don't stress about pageranks, but it would be nice to have one, but I don't think it is very important if you have zero or five for page rank, I think its the quality, staff, ect.

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    [quote name='MrJohn' date='20 February 2010 - 07:17 PM' timestamp='1266711462' post='9290']

    Well Google PR can bring members to your forum/site, but can also bring money. A high PR means a good income usually.


    I don't see how a high Google PageRank can bring in more members...?

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    I never decided to go with PR, just didnt really worry about it as much when I ran forums and sites.

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    I find it semi important, but I try to face my time more towards content. I really don't bust a sweat to try to get the highest pagerank.

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    I think its quite important, as you get more income via higher PR. The most highest pagerank I've ever had would be PR2.

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    Never relied on Page Rank. I expect people to boost it by spreading the word about my site, if they like my site.

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