Just wondering what everyone is using for payments. I'm sure most people have a PayPal account and use that, but that only gets you so far.

I recently set up an e-junkie.com account. It's only $5/mo to start (you get 10 products and 50 MB of space). They'll do the whole shopping cart thing and digital delivery for you - very nice. You can even use discount codes. They support multiple gateways - PayPal, Google checkout, Authorize.net, and others.

Another bonus with e-junkie is that you can set up an affiliate program through them to pay affiliates for your products. Nice!

I've only had one problem with them. I set up a discount coupon so I would only pay 1 cent. I paid it (from one of my PayPal accounts to the other) and then it waited to verify the payment. It said it could not continue until the payment was processed - bummer. I NEED to have the buyer get IMMEDIATE delivery. I changed my PayPal settings to not block most things, so I'm wondering if it will still make me "accept" the payment first.

Still figuring it out and will let you know the outcome, but thought I'd throw this out there since it looks to be a nice option for payment/delivery processing.