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Thread: The Perfect Landing Page For a Product

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    The Perfect Landing Page For a Product


    Let's discuss what you think is needed for The Perfect Landing Page (For a Product).

    I feel a clean design is needed.

    Over to you,


  2. If you add a video it can really help convert.
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    Show the recent posts. And also a featured post. And the best of's. If you are going to write something, make it as short and to-the-point as possible.
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    What's needed for perfect (maybe not perfect but will persuasive people to buy) is :

    - Testimonial (still needed, whatever your opinion about testi is fake)
    - Clean design which generated rapidily
    - Good sales letter <-- of course, this is the most important things should excist on you landing page

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    Something that grabs the attention of the reader is very important, otherwise they'll just click off the page. Usually, people will do this by putting a big question in bold at the top of the page, and then offering a solution. See below:

    Are you struggling in the economic crisis? Do you want easy money at the press of a button? Learn how I made $100,000 in two months from my computer with just one hour work per day!

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    That's a part of copywriting technique...
    And i'm is one "victims" of title like that. I mean, i'm ended up by buying a lot of e-book because i'm interested in it title.

    From simon example, there is 3 point :
    1. easy money
    2. $100,000
    3. one hour (of working)

    If it's explained :
    you need to put on your title, an interesting opening word (easy money) and a example of how much you'll get ($100,000) as an persuator, and type an advantage of this business (just one work hour)

    But don't too much also in making a title. If you already make interesting title like that, you need to be responsible if that business is really can perform like that.

    This copywriting technique is a must in yout landing page

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    Definately. Honesty is the best policy, so if you're not earning easy money using the method, don't put it. I accept that sometimes it's neccessary to bend the truth to sell a few more copies, but you should never lie. Telling a lie is VERY different to bending the truth.

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    Do you mean by "bending the truth" is make dramatically word to explain something in way to make it more persuasive? If yes, i'm agree

    About lie, that's true, simon. And it's become my concerned right now since mostly landing page is placing only fake testimonial, and even payment proof is can fake...!!! I ever read "how to make fake payment proof on clickbank" using javascript. It's bad....

    Anyway, let's get back to the main topic, i think what's needed on landing page, beside good title, testi, etc is :


    So, even if visitor didn't buy our product, actually we already grab their data. This will be usefull to be used for offering our next product

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    Yes. Bending the truth is where you use opinion to emphasise on the point, whereas lying is where you completely make it up. For instance, lets take this statement: 'I made loads of money from this method"

    Bending the truth:
    'This method earned me a life changing sum of money!'

    (note that life changing to one person could be nothing to someone else.

    'I earned $1000 per DAY for one hours work using this method!'

    (OK, it might be true, but there's no way you can get that statement from the original one. You've made up imaginary figures, and that's lying).

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    Ok and to prevent statement which too much, can we use average instead to said $ amount directly?
    For example "I'm earn about $100-$500 per month using this method" ?

    talking about video, just remember, don't make it auto-play, it will be annoting for the visitor

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