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Thread: places to promote free image hosting ?

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    places to promote free image hosting ?

    years ago i was running a pretty busy image hosting site.. i regret stopping the service now as its so much harder trying to get traffic to this niche now.

    Anyone know any good places i could submit my website to kick it off again.. ?

  2. Forums have always been the best way to get traffic to image hosting sites. If you dont allow adult images then celebrity forums can be good traffic generators for u.

  3. post image in forums like said above. users will click thumbs and most often return to your site to upload images

    popular places = warez, adult, celeb, funny images

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    Aaahhh thanks very much... I was thinking my self about this niche, but I don't think I will give it a try. I don't have any Unique Selling Propositions to offer.

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    I had some image hosting sites a while ago but sold them off as I couldn't buy a good, inexpensive server for them. Where were/are you hosting your image hosting site?

    Any recommendations/Suggestions?

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    I had a vps i was using... It was a pretty busy website but seemed to handle it ok..

    You can get dedicated server pretty cheap now...

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