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Thread: Places to Submit your RSS Feeds

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    I never knew we were able to submit RSS feeds to sites like this. This is cool ..I am really surprised about this. thanks a bunch Tom, you really contribute a lot to this community.

    EDIT: Submitted by feed to all those sites, well two or three didnt work

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    This is part of my seo tactic for our net builders contest. I already submitted over a 90 directories and here are some unknown to me. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Submitted by feed to all those sites, well two or three didnt work
    Please let me know if any of the sites don't work for you so that I can test them and remove them from the list.

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    Where to submit RSS feed?

    Where do you submit your RSS feed when promoting your websites?

    Is there a good place that submits it automatically to loads of directories or do you just submit it to the main ones (please share which ones)?


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    I use RSSBot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by small View Post
    I use RSSBot.
    Thanks, I bought it and used it to submit my feeds to multiple directories.

    It's a pretty good piece of software.

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    I sometimes submit them to RSS Submission sites, I search google, to find these sites

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    Thanks for the awesome list! Submitted make money online to all... except:

    1. - The syndication listing
    - I couldn't find where to submit the feed.

    2. RSS/ATOM/OPML Feed Submission
    - Reported attack site by the Google Toolbar.

    - No longer running.

    Like some of the others above, I also use:
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