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Thread: Poor Google backlinks count tool

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    Poor Google backlinks count tool

    I noticed few days back that Google has two different tools for counting the backlinks to your website:
    1. (type the word link+: and then without any space after the colon type the address of your website starting with www
    2. another tools is the one from the account Google Webmaster Tools
    For the same website, the first tool shows only a few backlinks in comparison with the second tool. What I've concluded that never ever use the first tool for finding your backlinks or your competition's backlinks. It's not good at all, believe me.

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    Google doesnt show all the backlinks, and the backlinks in google querys appear very slowly. None of the tools shows the exact number of backlinks you or your competitor has

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    Never ever use the second one either. It doesn't show them all either. Try instead.

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