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Thread: Poor Google backlinks count tool

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    Poor Google backlinks count tool

    I noticed few days back that Google has two different tools for counting the backlinks to your website:
    1. (type the word link+: and then without any space after the colon type the address of your website starting with www
    2. another tools is the one from the account Google Webmaster Tools
    For the same website, the first tool shows only a few backlinks in comparison with the second tool. What I've concluded that never ever use the first tool for finding your backlinks or your competition's backlinks. It's not good at all, believe me.
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    I always knew of the link:. Never ever heard of link+:. The webmaster tools are of Google is very useful and provides lots of information about your website. But I don't know why the link: command doesn't show up all the links to my site and on the same end webmaster tools proper link for that website. My recommendation is to use the one in webmaster tools. The link: can also give you a good idea about the websites you don't own and you can't access their webmaster tools area. Really interesting ones worth using.

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    Yes, it is a great tool that google has provided us with. There is also a infowebsite name) to get information regarding the particular site. Including sites that linked to yours as well. I love Google for the tools they provide us, but I can hate them at the same time :P
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    Well I wrote like that to make it understand easily. I meant the same with link: and nothing other than that. I've believed that link: will serve better but within few days I got to know that it doesn't work well since it show only few backlinks. Webmaster tools provide a considerable amount of backlinks which come up useful. How I can get the information of the sites I don't own by using link: and at the same time the access to the webmasters tools area? Which tool I must prefer to know the backlinks other than these? If anyone of you have the optimum information regarding this, please share it.
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    The link: command displays only dofollow links and that too those which it feels are valid ones. But on the otherhand, webmaster toolk shows all the links.. be idofollow, nofollow or irrelevant linsk.

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