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Thread: Possible way around exchanging links

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    Possible way around exchanging links

    Many webmasters want to exchange links and very few like to give one way links.

    I was thinking about making a subdomain:

    Therefore, when requesting a link, their link page would point to and in exchange I would write up a review with a link back to their website on

    Is this a good idea and would it be any different from doing reviews on the site without the subdomain idea.

    Your views and comments please....

  2. It seems that "most" webmasters care just about the PR of the page where their link is placed, so this should work if you get your reviews subdomain a decent PageRank.

    But what will Google think when they come by and see your reviews subdomain? Can you make it look legitimate enough to avoid a penalty?

    And are you really willing to write up a review for every link partner?
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