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    Most people love post packages, but some people don't. Some forum owners say having members that post 10 times in one day and never return gives a bad impression to other users... What do you have to say? I think post packages are useful but don't give much of a boost unless you have a lot of them.

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    To me, its not too helpfull, but sometimes it is. If you have alot of people doing alot of posts, that would give you a big boost, but if you just buy 2 people to do like 10 posts each, that just looks bad. Ohh, forgot to mention, if you just decide to get like 10-20 posts, then thats just worthless, get like 100+ with a time period of like 1 month or 2 weeks, that boost the activity alot.

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    Post packages are useful if you're forum is just starting up and if it needs a boost. I had quite a few post packages done on my forum and it has helped a lot.

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    I think its a good thing if you continue to have a package every few weeks then you guarentee that the people who have done the parcels wont be stuck on 10 or 20 posts and their post count rises aswell as the activity on peoples site.

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    Good for start up, nothing else really though.

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    I love Post packages as it keeps my forum activity up.

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    I think post packages are only useful to new forums. It's a nice kick start to any forum just starting out

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