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Thread: Preferred methods of SEO

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    What are your preferred methods of SEO?

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    SEO mod/plugin plus a few template edits like changing "Forum Name - Forum Description" to "Forum Description." That will increase link tails.

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    Content is king, as well as internal linking.

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    Cant choose any of them since all of them is important to achieve the goal.

    It just like asking which is the most important element for the plant, water? air? sun?

    Plant will die if lack any of them, means all of them are needed

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    Use a mix......backlinks are the easiest.....with the new Google change, I believe content is going to have a greater effect.....

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    On my other site, I just added in <h1>, <h2>, and

    tags as well. Let&#39;s see if it does anything good.

  7. linkbuilding and contents

    this is why i kept signing up to those forums and have my signatures on my profile.

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